Mister Donut is a well-known donut chain in Singapore that is renowned for serving high-quality donuts. With 3 outlets in the city, Mister Donut Menu Singapore offers a large variety of donuts, featuring both unique flavors (such as ube and matcha) and classic flavors (such as chocolate and gazed). They also offer a variety of chocolate drinks, smoothies, and coffee.

In this article, we are discussing all the types of donuts and beverages that Mr. Donut Singapore offers. Mister Donut is an environmentally friendly donut chain as they use plastic bags to wrap their meals. So, why are you still waiting, go to the menu and choose your favorite donut. Learn more about the menu of Mister Donut. 

Mister Donut Menu 2024

We can catagorize the Mister Donut Menu in Singapore as follows: 

  • Pon De Ring
  • French Cruller
  • Old Fashion
  • Chocolate
  • Yeast Donut 

Mr Donut Menu – Pon De Ring

Pan De Ring is a Japanese style donut that has mochi-like and chewy texture, and made of eight dough balls connected with each other in round shape.

Calories: 200 – 250

Pan De Ring 

It is a popular Japanese mochi donut mostly serevd as snack. Firstly, it is fried and then layered with strawberry-flavoured glaze.

Calories: 294

Pan De Ring Strawberry

Pon de Plain is slightly sweet flavor, chewy, and ring shaped Japanese donut made with mochi dough.

Calories: 194

Pon De Plain

This is also Pon De Ring but coated with the layer of chocolate glaze to make it sweet, chewy, and fluffy.

Calories: 220

Pon De Ring Chocolate

Mister Donut Prices – French Cruller

These are stir-fried French pastries that are made from choux pastry dough. French Crullers are sprayed with powdered sugar before serving.

Calories: 220

French Cruller

To make Custard Strawberry French, yeast donut is filled with custard and layered with whipped cream and chocolate glaze. 

Calories: 265

Custard Strawberry French

Angle French is fluffy and light weight donut made with brioche-like dough and then topped with the layer of crispy icing.

Calories: 200 – 250

Angle French

Mister Donut Singapore Menu – Old Fashion

It is a cake-like donut offered by Mister Donut that contains soft and fluffy interior with crispy exterior. The donut is coevered with pink strawberry glaze and offered with white icing drizzle.

Calories: 250

Strawberry Fashion

Old Fashion is a classic cake donut made with yeast dough and wrapped in granulated sugar. 

Calories: 350

Old Fashion

Choclate Fashion is a classic yeast donut offering different combinations of flavors and textures for the chocolate lovers. 

Calories: 300 – 350

Chocolate Fashion

Mister Donut Menú Singapore – Chocolate

This is a soft donut with a combination of sweet strawberry and creamy chocolate. 

Calories: 250

Strawberry Chocolate 

Golden Chocolate is a sweet and soft yeast donut at Mister Donut and is a very good choice for chocolate lovers. 

Calories: 300 

Golden Chocolate

Coconut Chocolate is a delightful and ring-shaped donut that combines the sweetness of coconut with rich chocolate. 

Calories: 250

Coconut Chocolate

It is a ring-shaped donut filled with chocolate cream and then topped with chocolate. It contains the highest number of calories among all the donuts offered by Mister Donut.

Calories: 500


Mr Donuts Yeast Donut Menu

A light, fluffy golden donut dusted with a fine white powder. The Angel Cream donut resembles a delicious ring that is just begging to be eaten.

Calories: 150 – 200

Angle Cream 

A traditional Japanese donut dipped in delicious chocolate. It can get fancier sometimes with nuts or sprinkles. 

Calories: 200

Chocolate Ring

A golden colored donut, crowned with a powdered sugar halo and coated in a delightful vanilla gloss.

Calories: 200 – 300

Custard Cream

It is a traditional yeast donut that is light, fluffy, and sweet in taste. To give it a shiny golden surface, the donut is dipped in sweet honey glaze.

Calories: 190

Honey Dip

A classic donut made with yeast dough and layered with sticky and sweet strawberry glaze. 

Calories: 220

Strawberry Ring

Sugar Raised is a golden-brown colored fluffy and circular yeast donut. It is best for those who want to eat simple donuts without any fuss.

Calories: 200

Sugar Raised

Indeed, Mister Donut in Singapore offers discounts and promotions from time to time. You may get details about the most recent promos on their website or social media profiles.

Yes, Mister Donut offers delivery through GrabFood and Foodpanda. The distance and platform you use determine the delivery charge.

For entry to Mr Donut Singapore, no reservations are necessary. It is advised to make a reservation to avoid standing in line for an extended period. You can also check the Mister Donut latest Prices above.

Mister Donut Singapore offers a wide variety of donuts in both classic tastes like glazed and chocolate. They also offer a variety of donut holes, which are excellent for sharing or enjoying on your own.

Mr Donut SG remains open from 11 A.M. to 8:30 P.M.

Final Words

Mister Donut SG is a popular donut chain that offers a wide variety of donuts and beverages. Menu Mister Donut is known for its high-quality donuts, which are made with fresh ingredients. Mr Donuts also offers a variety of unique donut flavors, such as matcha, azuki bean, and ube.

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