Mister Donut @ Bishan Junction 8 is a Japanese-style bakery in Singapore (under the brand name Mister Donut). It offers various delicious donuts and the renowned one among all is Pon De Ring (Mochi Donut). You will get to know a lot more about this Mr Donut outlet in Singapore in this post. So, let’s dive deep.

Mister Donut @ Bishan Junction 8 Review

You can read the customer reviews about the Mister Donut outlet in Junction 8 (Singapore) here below:

Elaine LowElaine Low
01:05 13 May 24
Satisfied my Mister Donut craving 😋
Mae NgMae Ng
03:59 10 May 24
02:48 08 May 24
I love their strawberry pon de ring. Hands down the best item on the menu. The true first place is actually the uji matcha pon de ring but it’s a pity it was on the menu for such a short time.
Alex ChewAlex Chew
02:57 29 Apr 24
Monday afternoon queues are short. Less than 3 persons waiting.
09:24 26 Apr 24
Why the heck would do you display matcha pon de ring until 2nd June if it’s to be sold out since last week? Why would then the other matcha flavours be available if ingredients out of stock? Doesn’t match rather contradicting
Kyla TKyla T
10:40 22 Apr 24
$14 for six donuts ! If you have the RE&S rewards card you can use it to gain points too. To be very honest it is not worth the queue hype, but anyway the staff are really fast at serving and really nice, so the long queue shortens quickly. They are known for their mochi donuts (pon de rings) , the matcha one is not bad but I would say just get all the strawberry glazed ones and you won’t go wrong with your choices 🙃 the strawberry pon de ring is the best and has a chewy texture if you are into chewy donuts. You can’t really taste the custard in the custard ones, I thjnk Krispy Kreme is still better, but worth trying once in your life to judge if it’s worth the hype
18:10 13 Apr 24
Long queue but it moves fast. Matcha pon de ring has a great chew to it, while being strong in flavour and yet not too sweet. Reminds me of chewy junior a little. Matcha cream filled donuts were oily and wasn’t fluffy. Matcha old fashion has a strong oil taste to it. Only the parts coated in matcha were nice.
CK OngCK Ong
09:50 03 Apr 24
tara weytara wey
09:17 11 Mar 24
The donut is wonderful, my family loves mochi. I feel that the food is just amazing to eat. I love donuts, but mochi with donuts is so much better. The staff are good.
08:14 03 Mar 24
No wonder people queue. Never tried donut like those before. Worth the queue. All taste are whimsical
Whis JYWhis JY
11:25 27 Feb 24
This is my first time purchasing your donut; however, the customer service was horrible. The front counter girl blamed me for taking the wrong items without checking if the item was mine. If she doesn’t know how to work in customer service, she shouldn’t work at the counter. Next time, check the item before issuing the correct one. Don’t blame it on the customer! It's so stupid for a staff member to blame a customer. I’m glad there was a nice auntie who helped me with the purchase
Kendrick WeeKendrick Wee
13:59 17 Feb 24
Good donuts. Not too sweet. Had different texture for different donuts but Pon Da Ring was the best among the ones I tried.
Lumos LeeLumos Lee
05:49 16 Feb 24
New matcha flavour !!! Waiting time is short compared to months ago. When it used to be 1-2 hours queuing, and now only 1-2 pax ahead and decided to get just 1 donut.Tried the other flavour before and all was kinda new and interesting. And it’s kinda surprising that mister donut is not that sweet compared to others. Good to try out! Service is good!
Lisa LeungLisa Leung
10:05 02 Feb 24
The POS system took me very long to get the receipt.Purchased $92 of donut, the staff invited me to join membership, took me another 20 mins to keep entering my personal info, turn out the system have problem unable to sign up.Been buying donut few times, definitely WILL NOT go back again .............. !!!!!!!
Jia xuanJia xuan
13:22 27 Jan 24
Norman TehNorman Teh
10:22 22 Jan 24
Now that the crazy queues are over, limits on donut purchase has been raised to 30. Would recommend the strawberry pon de ring and strawberry old fashioned.
Ju-Peter SengJu-Peter Seng
15:03 21 Jan 24
Went on a Thursday around 11am, no queue.Staff was friendly and helpful.
Belinda LohBelinda Loh
11:36 19 Jan 24
Delicious!The staff service also very nice 👍🏻
Mason TayMason Tay
06:26 10 Jan 24
One of the best donuts I have savoured so far. It is as good as the ones we ate in Japan. My favourite are the old fashion and French cruller. Although they do not have the Pokémon characters donuts like the ones I had in Japan. All their donuts are still good for satisfying my cravings. Yummy donuts!!! Ganbatte kudasai. Arigatou!!
Lee Yu XuanLee Yu Xuan
05:15 03 Jan 24
hmm, the donut itself were delicious, chews but there is some limitations of order which making people confused. And you gonna stand there a little bit longer cause they have to explain to you.That’s the only downside to me.Guess I won’t visit the very often, that doesn’t bother me
Lawrence WeeLawrence Wee
07:20 30 Dec 23
The queue was not long today, and we I decided to check out Mister Donut.We ordered Pan De Ring, Pan De Ring Chocolate.and Angel French. Each donut cost around $2.50.I did not find any special with the Angel French, but the Pan De Ring version of the donut is worth the try if you like mochi texture.
Vanessa PixieVanessa Pixie
10:23 26 Dec 23
The donuts definitely gotta live up to the rave n popularity standards👍🏻 However, they may need to improve on their service and packaging. I bought 4 donuts and they were all just packed into a single paper bag without any handle carrier. It is indeed very inconvenient plus silly to bring the donuts around to continue my shopping.
Jessie GarciaJessie Garcia
11:12 24 Dec 23
One of the lady staff was rude and bad at customer service.
Richard LauRichard Lau
09:11 22 Dec 23
Custard donut is good! The filling is creamy and thick. I tried the angel cream also but it taste a bit normal, not as good as the custard one.
chu xuanchu xuan
00:05 09 Nov 23
Very delicious and worth trying!Their signature pon de ring is ridiculously chewy. Each bite has a good mouthfeel as you bite into a little ball of elastic dough. Their custard cream is also fluffy and enjoyable.I tried their strawberry chocolate and it's not really up to par with their pon de ring. It tastes more like damp oreo cake with overly sweet strawberry sauce on top. Their spinny things (Angel french) with whipped cream inside is also meh.Overall its great to try their different flavours for $2.50, which is decently affordable compared to other donut chains. 10 for $23 is a great deal as well. Im pleasantly surprised at the staff carefully arranging the donuts so that their chocolate coatings will not touch each other. They also have separate paper bags for you. Fast service at 4pm with 6 people in the queue!
00:44 16 Sep 23
There’s a queue on a weekday afternoon around 3pm. I didn’t have to wait long. I managed to get the donut after 10mins. They are selling 6 for $14 or any 10 for $23. They also limit 4 pon de ring per customer per transaction. I had 4 pon de ring, 1 angel French and 1 custard strawberry.
There is a wide variety of donuts and most people bought the ponder Ring(maybe spelt wrongly) they cap it at 4 per customer. Do check again when you are at the store. It is a bit chewy though. I bought the plain ones. It tasted very plain but with other flavours topped with it, it is nice. I also bought the Angel French Crueller and it is very sweet. Good for young people but not so for the elderly I feel. I think the queue will shorten as the months go by but at the moment, because of the write ups by bloggers, it will remain long for now. I was happy to queue up for only 15 mins but the hot sellers always run out first. I might buy again later this year when the queue gets shorter😜Pictures 5-7 are not from the shop but in Slovenia. The donuts were awesome and if I may say, it was better than Mister Donut.😃

Mister Donut Junction 8 (Opening & Closing Hours)

Check the opening and closing hours of the Mister Donut outlet in Junction 8 from the following table:

DayBusiness Hours
Saturday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Sunday11:00  A.M – 8:30 P.M
Monday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Tuesday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Wednesday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Thursday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Friday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Mister Donut @ Bishan Junction 8 (opening & Closing Hours)

Note: From the table, it is noticeable that Mister Donut @ Bishan Junction 8 is available for customers from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Mister Donut Junction 8 Menu

See the Mister Donut Junction 8 Menu as given below:

Final Words

Mister Donut Bishan is one of two outlets in Singapore offering famous Mochi Donuts. With a positive rating of 3.2/5.0 from 82 reviews it gets on Google indicates its great branding and customer-centric approach. If you want to enjoy donuts in Junction 8 then you must visit this outlet.

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