Mister Donut @ Novena Square is a Japanese-style bakery in Singapore (under the brand name Mister Donut). It offers various delicious donuts and the renowned one among all is Pon De Ring (Mochi Donut). You will get to know a lot more about this Mr Donut outlet in Singapore in this post. So, let’s dive deep.

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Mister Donut Velocity @ Novena Square Review

You can read the customer reviews about the Mister Donut outlet in Novena Square (Singapore) here below:

love linglove ling
08:46 23 Feb 24
23:33 19 Feb 24
You're expecting overly sweet because of known donut and it wasn't. I was so's surprise! It taste good different from other donut, it's fluffy, fresh, soft and really nice to eat, specially the ring one with strawberry on it. Definitely coming back to have some again.
CK CheongCK Cheong
08:59 16 Feb 24
This outlet from the popular Japanese donut chain is well received with long queue especially during lunchtime. There is a small 20-seater café area where you can enjoy your doughnuts alongside freshly brewed coffee and tea. Most popular is the “Pon De Ring” glazed mochi doughnuts which are soft and chewy
Green JellyGreen Jelly
06:12 04 Feb 24
Donuts are less sweet and noticeably lighter and airier than the American brands. Prefer this type as it’s less cloying. However, this shop has a strange rule. Bought three donuts to be wrapped separately for three different kids but was told they could only provide two paper bags for the three donuts. Next time to make mental note to get all three kids to purchase one donut each by themselves at the counter.
Huiling HuangHuiling Huang
06:13 27 Jan 24
Date of Visit: Sat, 27 Jan, past 1pm.Finally came to visit Mister Donuts at Novena after the Jurong Point pop-up store. 2 female and 1 male staff were at the counter area. But it was not a most pleasant experience.I was with my friend and when it was my turn to order, the male staff skipped me and went ahead to ask my friend her order. So I thought never mind, I can order mine with my friend to cut the hassle for your staff. When I asked for my share to be packed separate from my friend's order, your staff has to repeat "one person only 2 bags of donuts". Yes, our order were within 2 bags, there were 2 of us and we were all ready to pay separate or together if need be. All I asked for is for my share of 3 donuts to be in a separate bag from my friend's share of 5 donuts because we were heading away after buying. But the staff out of his insistence is hesitant to pack my 3 donuts separate into a 2nd bag and had to pack mine mixed with my friend's.First, I do not understand what is the fixation with limiting each customer to 2 bags when you have a clear signage outside your store that each customer is limited to 30 pcs. Second, your staff clearly don't understand the customer's needs and is merely trying to move on to the next customer after pushing the limit. (If you can pack 30 pcs of donuts into 2 of your tiny flimsy paper bags, by all means, but which I doubt so.)I asked your female payment staff for the name of the male staff who served us, she say it's her first day and she's not sure while appearing nervous. I was appalled by the brushing-off attempt. Efficiency is one thing, trying to appear efficient is another. The male staff name seems to be Jen or somewhere along the line. Perhaps it's not a one-staff problem now. You do know people try to know the staff names for both feedback and compliments?We all give and take when making purchases, but doesn't mean we have to be taken for granted.Mister Donuts is famous in Japan not just for the taste but also the efforts made to make the day for the customers. Go into their stores and you feel happy coming out.For this SG outlet, your staff do not pride themselves on their service and have they wondered how their service made people feel? What a pity for Mister Donuts' big name.Rating 0 stars for service as I originally had higher expectations for Mister Donuts' but it fell short.
Sharon LeeSharon Lee
10:48 17 Jan 24
Food quality is great! Customer service by crew can be improved. Doesn't seemed to be very patient when she can't hear the order.
08:24 17 Jan 24
Bad service from the female cashier. Very rude. Taste is nothing special. Carrier bag not provided. Donuts exposed to germs since they are carried in the thin paper bag with opening throughout
Jean Luc Tin SiveJean Luc Tin Sive
04:22 13 Jan 24
Chaotic ordering. Long queue with bottleneck at cashier.
Elin YLElin YL
09:48 12 Jan 24
the staff taking ordes for donuts were kinda rude.donuts are great though.cashier was friendly too
08:24 12 Jan 24
Bought 6 should give with box but the guy gave paper bag and so rude the attitude. Not happy then go home look ur mama little brat👎🏿12/1 Friday
Djohan KurniawanDjohan Kurniawan
07:47 10 Jan 24
02:32 10 Jan 24
as expected there is a line. but service is fast and staff is efficient. we bought a lot cos its what my daughter wanted for her birthday. no cake, just Mr Donut. we sat down for a hot drink after getting the donuts. the drinks are just normal drinks. i won't recommend getting the drinks unless you really needed something to wash down the donuts with. the donuts defn dont keep for more than 1-2 days. best consumed on the same day. maybe the next morning/afternoon. they get pretty gross beyond that.
Nancy TayNancy Tay
06:59 04 Jan 24
Is she the lady boss ... was very rude to customer.4 Jan at 230pm .. customer , 1 plain 1 chocolateCounter lady .. WHAT PLAIN , WHAT PLAIN , SO MANY PLAIN HERE !Customer pointed at a donut ...Counter lady .. THIS NOT PLAIN HOR !
N. Y.N. Y.
09:02 16 Dec 23
Decent donuts at a decent price, worth a try if it's off-peak and you can avoid the queue.I recommend the strawberry glaze, which was possibly the least synthetic, most natural-tasting strawberry glaze I've had. The chocolate glaze was just alright.
16:00 09 Dec 23
[Dec 2023] First time here after the initial hype is over. Not much of a line now even during peak lunch period. Service is fast.Their unique signature pon de rings are a must get - these are my favourite kind of donut that’s light and chewy.Was initially hesitant to try their donuts cos of the low google rating, but i think most of them are because of the long queue when they first opened. Will always be back to get more rings when I’m in the area 👍
10:30 24 Nov 23
I finally joined the queue this afternoon after seeing a shorter queue around 4 p.m. I ordered 10 donuts (the bundle offer was $23), which is slightly less expensive, and you may choose up to 6 'Pon De Ring' donuts.The Pon De Ring donut has a moderate sweetness level and is fairly chewy. I still like my doughnuts, the old-fashioned way, covered in chocolate, sugar, or cookie cream.The RE&S team is in charge of Mister Donut. As a result, you might gain membership points by purchasing the donuts.
03:01 09 Nov 23
Actually the cream bun style one was the nicest of the lot to me. The Mochi ring was chewy if you like such texture you will enjoy it but not so much for me.The strawberry frosting was the nicest to me second after the cream filling one.But the basic sugar glaze was one of the best plain flavors. I think if I had only one choice I’d eat the cream filling one but if I wanted something less rich, I’ll have the sugar glazed one.A bit pricey for the small snacks like donut made of only flour & sugar.Don’t eat this often and no need to line up got this. It’s not that wonderful to make me wait.
10:19 12 Oct 23
My most favorite donut shop in Japan!Finally I came here after I waited for so long cos queue was always crazy. I ordered strawberry fashion. It taste good, but not worthy to queue for more than 5 mins.Good thing here is you can seated and enjoy their donut with their drinks.Their ice latte also not bad!

Mister Donut Junction 8 (Opening & Closing Hours)

Check the opening and closing hours of the Mister Donut outlet in Junction 8 from the following table:

DayBusiness Hours
Saturday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Sunday11:00  A.M – 8:30 P.M
Monday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Tuesday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Wednesday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Thursday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Friday11 :00 A.M – 8:30 P.M
Mister Donut @ Bishan Junction 8 (opening & Closing Hours)

Note: From the table, it is noticeable that Mister Donut @ Bishan Junction 8 is available for customers from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Mister Donut Velocity Menu

See the Mister Donut Velocity Menu as given below:

Final Words

Mister Donut Velocity is one of two outlets in Singapore offering famous Mochi Donuts. With a positive rating of 3.8/5.0 from 124 reviews it gets on Google indicates its great branding and customer-centric approach. If you want to enjoy donuts in Novena Square then you must visit this outlet.

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